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Nine Months Down, What Have I Learned?

On the Job Training for Daddy Nine months down, what have I learned?  Although, I know that I still have a lot to learn; I have learned a lot. Some of them interesting, others funny and others surprised me. Mommy is My Favorite No matter what I do, how long I do it and even if I do it better than … [Read More...]

Decorating the DOC Band

Making Corrective Headgear Fashionable Once we were approved for Daniel to wear a corrective head band, we started thinking about decorating the DOC Band.  Yes, it's a thing! Believe it or not, there are a lot of things to think about when choosing a design.  After all, DJ will be wearing his … [Read More...]

What is a DOC Band?

'Back to Sleep' and the Flat Head What is a DOC Band?  I have thought long and hard about how I was going to approach this subject. Over the last few months Lynn and I have been exploring a corrective treatment for Daniel.  I thought, "Is this something, which we should keep to ourselves or … [Read More...]

Dressing to Match

Do You See What I See? I thought that dressing to match was something we did for prom or homecoming.  Perhaps, I guess, even your wedding, which is why Lynn had me wear grey at our wedding in October. However, I have never thought about dressing to match our baby and as far as I know, neither … [Read More...]

Diaper Changing Disaster, The Sequel

Are You Kidding Me? I cannot believe that DJ and I have had another diaper changing disaster. Of course, just like the first time, we were in a restaurant men's room and Lynn was not with us. Let Me Start at the Beginning Lynn and her girlfriends had planned a whole afternoon and evening of … [Read More...]

The Things People Say

Ooooo Look, A Baby!!! Every day I am amazed at the things people say to you when you have a baby. First off, and I didn't know this before, when you have a baby, it seems to give everyone license to speak to you. I am not saying it is a bad thing, it is actually a good thing.  It just came as … [Read More...]

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The Diaper Sniff Test

Bottoms Up The diaper sniff test!  Who decided that this was a good idea, anyway? Before I had a child, I witnessed many parents and caretakers … [Read More...]

Baby on Board

What is the Purpose of a "Baby on Board Sign," Anyway? Before I had a baby on board, I used to think that people put the "Baby on Board" signs in … [Read More...]

Diaper Change Disaster

Have you ever had a diaper change disaster? Well, that is a bit of an over statement, but let me tell you a funny little story about my diaper change … [Read More...]

Was That A Poopy Diaper?

Was that a poopy diaper? Never in my life have I been asked that question.  Then again, I had never changed a diaper before I changed DJ's diaper … [Read More...]

The First Night

Let the Sleep Deprivation Begin The first night has finally arrived.  You and your baby are home for the first time. Your baby is finally … [Read More...]

The Going Home Checklist

Your Baby is Going Home … Not!!! Depending on the hospital, there are the benchmarks which need to be met, before you may bring your premature baby … [Read More...]

Fun with Nicknames!

The importance of having the right name for the right occasion! What's in a nickname? It's important that your child's nicknames be a source … [Read More...]

There’s Mr. Winky

Sometimes it's Just Not a Secret There's Mr. Winky One of the things that I have found most humorous throughout our pregnancy odyssey, is that every … [Read More...]